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YOU the Individual

August 30, 2011

Ever wonder why so many addictions treatment centers fail? Because they treat the addiction and not the person. Addiction is a complicated disease. And usually with addiction there is often a co-occurring disorder. Treating addiction with a “one size fits all” philosophy will often lead to a relapse because the individual may not receive key areas of treatment that will be important to them.

Did you know that in many treatment centers you will only see your counselor for a individual session one maybe two times a week? This can be achieved on an outpatient basis, so it seems wasteful to spend the huge extra expense to do this in an inpatient setting. How can you effectively be treated without personalized attention? You really can’t. Here at Serenity Acres you will see your counselor individually at least 5 times a week. That is our commitment to you. In addition to your groups and other therapies, you will get the individual attention that you deserve and need.

We also have specialized therapists for co-occurring disorders that our patients see as needed. We find out what YOU need and then make your schedule based on that, not a template schedule that everyone follows.

Our strength lies in our customized program. Yes we follow a schedule. But as we learn about you and your needs, we work hard to see that those needs are met. Having your primary counselor that you work with daily will assure you that nothing falls through the cracks. Your counselor will help coordinate additional therapies that meet your needs in a timely manner. Without your daily check-ins with your counselor, some needs would get missed.

Serenity Acres embraces you the individual. Find out for yourself how working with a counselor daily can make the difference between relapse and staying clean. Of course we know that there are no guarantees, but we do like our odds.

If you or someone you love could benefit from this type of individualized and intense treatment, please call us 24 hours a day to discuss their needs: 800-335-7440

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