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Does Meditation Really Work?

March 5, 2012

You’ve probably heard that meditation can help with stress relief and other conditions. What you may not know is that there is actually clinical evidence that meditation is effective. The evidence shows that meditation may help to rewire the brain, effectively helping to modify behavior, cravings, and triggers. It is also being proven over and over again that meditation is very helpful in battling mental illness.

Meditation is a big part of the treatment at Serenity Acres. Our patients report it helps them to feel centered, grounded, and ready to tackle the day. We integrate meditation into our morning groups, yoga, acupuncture, and encourage patients to practice during free time.

In many cases, people turn to drugs and alcohol to self medicate. They are often trying to minimize the effects of anxiety, depression, trauma, or pain. Meditation can help to bring you into a state of awareness where you can then use other tools to deal with the issues above, rather than being stuck in a cycle of pain (mental and physical). Meditation does not eliminate your problems, but it does provide a valuable way to evaluate them and then deal with them accordingly. This helps to minimize everyday stress that is contributing to a drug or alcohol addiction.

The best part is that unlike therapy, massage, acupuncture, and other modalities, meditation is free. So once you learn how to effectively meditate, it can become a lifelong process to deal with stress, anxiety, anger, depression, and many other emotions.

Why wait? Start today! To learn more about the program at Serenity Acres, call 800-335-7440

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